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“Never be the one to reach out first for the food, nor consider it proper to begin before the others. Likewise, never be the last to withdraw from the platter lest you be judged gluttonous. “


The heady scents of oriental spices – cloves, black pepper, chillies, cinnamon, cardamom, masala, ginger, nutmeg and mace will greet you when you open the pot.
Chef Fatima Green chilileads her team of chefs at A Touch of Spice, who will prepare you a feast, fit for a Raj. Curry at its best is a subtle symphony of flavours orchestrated throughout by the skilful blending of finely chosen spices. With all its nuances and  under currents of taste, it is as enigmatic as the East itself.
Dried chilliA Touch of Spice has been a hot favourite with the cognoscenti for 25 years and its standards have never  faltered. Our comprehensive Menu represents virtually the entire sub-continent of India with such magical dishes as Roghan Josh, Aloo Palak, Jinga Baffad, Palak Gosht, Chicken Korma and Prawns in a red masala with coconut.

Style of Theme: British Indian.  
Imagine the atmosphere in your dining room is that of a Country Club in India in the days of the Raj.

Where are we? Any where you want us to be (almost). This is a Virtual restaurant,which means there is not a physical bricks and mortar building. Therefore we only deliver to you. Please refer to our ordering and contact details.

Kofta Kebab
Minced beef rolled into rounds mildly spiced with dhunia, jeero & herbs, Served in a spicy tomato sauce R49.45

Piyja Byaji
A cluster of fried onion rings lightly bound with pea-flour & seasoned with fresh dhunia leaves R35.30

Stuffed Chapati
A freshly gridled Chapati filled with curried Beef or Chicken, served with a spicy tomato sauce R59.50

Sambar DhaII
Traditional, thick, pink lentil soup flavoured with dhunia, jeero, onion, bori and chillies R39.30

Potato Roti
A Roti filled with curried potato topped with a spicy tomato sauce R45.00

Matar Mushroom
Mushroom peas & mushrooms in a tasty gravy R95.65

Triangular Indian pies served hot with a wedge of lemon. Beef, Cheese & Vegetable, Potato, or Vegetable R9.75 ea Lamb R10.95 ea

Egg Dum
Hard-boiled curried eggs are very popular in the northeastern part of India R39.00

Jinga Prawns
A mild prawn curry in a tomato sauce with fresh coriander leaves R95.00

Lamb Roti
Roti filled with Lamb Curry R89.95



Vegetable Dishes

Besan Vegetable Curry
A variety of medium strength curried fresh vegetables of the day R85.75

  Aloo Palak 
Baby spinach with potato and black mustard seeds, mild chilli and spices. R75.00

Punjabi Channa
Chicpeas in a Sindi tomato & onion sauce R70.65


powder Navrattan Vegetable Kurma
Vegetables in a creamy coconut and cashew sauce. R85.75

Paneer Jalfrezi
Cottage Cheese tossed together with fresh vegetables in a rich spicy tomato sauce R85.75

Kashmiri Style Curried Potato
Potato simmered in a mild curry sauce of jeero, mustard seed, garlic, ginger and onions R60.55

Jinga Shorwedaar
Prawns, mildly  spiced, served in a tomato based curry sauce with fresh dhunia leaves, off shell R257.00

Jinga Baffad – Korma
A creamy prawn  curry of jeero, garlic, onions, lemon & spice R257.00

     Goan Masala Fish Curry
Fillets of fish  baked with a masala of curry leaves, green chillies, desiccated coconut, jeera, tomato and dhunia R125.00

Prawn CurryCrab Curry
Crab cooked in
red masala with coconut milk and tomato. R225.00
In the shell.

Palak Gosht
Leg of Lamb with spinach, dhunia, turmeric & mixed masala. Boneless medium strength 

Bhuna Gosht  – Durban Style Curry
Lamb on the bone, simmered with potatoes, bori, elachi, coriander, chilli and garam masala.  Medium strength R126.10

Dried chilliRoghan Josh Lamb Korma

      A hot lamb dish,  boneless leg of lamb, with jeero, elachi, poppy seeds, garam masala, chilli  and saffron R136.00

          Lamb  Vindaloo
Lamb, on the bone, marinated in tamarind and simmered with potatoes in a hot spicy vindaloo  paste. A strong curry R126.10

Chicken Biryani

With brown lentils and basmati rice R116.50

Madras Chicken Takaris
Chicken curry, off the bone, with garlic, ginger; chillies, onions, cinnamon. Medium strength.

Murgh Makhani Butter Chicken

Vindaloo Chicken
Marinated in a hot vindaloo paste of tamarind, mustard seeds, chillies, jeero and elachi. 
A strong curry. R95.85

 Tikka Masala
Kebabs of marinated  chicken breast, Tomato, mushrooms served with a mild spicy cream sauce R116.00

  Chicken Kurma
Coconut cream  chicken breast with cardamom, ground almonds cinnamon and red chilli. Mild  flavoured dish. R95.00

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